Medicare Mental Health Plan

Sally from Creative Healing is a provider of Allied Health which covers counselling and art therapy under Medicare. The Medicare Mental Health Plan assists those suffering with mental health issues and conditions, access affordable professional support.

The Medicare Mental Health Plan provides better access to psychiatrists, psychologists, and Mental Health Social Workers in order to improve outcomes for those diagnosed with mental health disorders.

Medicare rebates are available to patients who have a referral for a Mental Health Plan from their GP, paediatrician or psychiatrists.

Rebates are available for up to ten individual services and ten group allied mental health services per year to patients with an assessed mental health disorder.

Health professionals are free to determine their own fees for patients with mental health disorders for Medicare rebate-able allied services – as such, charges in excess of the rebate are the responsibility of the patient.

How Can I Access The Medicare Mental Health Plan?

This initiative is available to patients with an assessed mental health disorder who would be best benefited from a structured approach to their management and treatment needs.

Disorders covered under the Medicare Mental Health Plan are that that significantly impact the patient’s social, cognitive, or emotional abilities. The Plan does not cover:

  • Dementia
  • Delirium
  • Tobacco Use Disorder

To access these services you will first need to visit your GP to assess whether you have a mental disorder and if the preparation of a Mental Health Treatment Plan is right for you.

Your GP will then either prepare a GP Mental Health Plan or refer you to a psychologist or psychologist who can assess and diagnose you, before referring you to the correct allied services.

Once you have a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan or are being managed by a GP or have been referred to a psychiatrist you can then be referred to certain Medicare rebate-able allied mental health services. It is at the discretion of your referring practitioner as to the number of services you will be referred to – with a maximum of 6 per referral.

How Long Can I Use the Mental Health Care Plan?

Depending on your needs, you can return to your GP or psychiatrist and obtain a new referral. You can obtain an additional 4 services to a maximum of 10 individual sessions and 10 group services per year.

There are exceptional circumstances where the patient’s clinical condition has changed enough to necessitate further referral for additional services. This is up to the discretion of your psychiatrist or GP.