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Healing through your creative mind

We all deserve to live happy lives. Sometimes to find balance we need someone to offer a different perspective. Someone who will listen, understand your circumstances and accept. To tell you it’s ok and you’re doing the best you can. Therapy and counselling services don’t have a one size fits all approach. Some people find it hard to express themselves through words, which is why I offer a range of services in Melbourne including Art Therapy sessions and workshops to help you make long-lasting positive growth in your life.

How I Can Help You


A safe space to reflect and learn. Discover more about yourself and learn new skills and coping techniques. In person sessions and telehealth appointments are available. Medicare rebates may apply. NDIS Approved.

Art Therapy

Express your thoughts and feelings without words. Creativity is the language of the soul and can aid recovery and help you to relax, focus and connect. In person sessions and telehealth appointments are available.


Make time for yourself to think, feel, and breathe to become present and mindful in your own life. Build connections with others while working through your healing process.


Our Creative Wellbeing Retreat for small groups will provide you with an unforgettable creative wellness experience. The Retreat is filled with creativity, rest and rejuvenation to spark and reignite your creative and love for life.


Creative Wellbeing introduces kids and teens to gentle and approachable way to use creative mindfulness to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Through creative activities that are fun and engaging, the kids will develop valuable coping mechanisms, discover how to regulate their emotions, and learn how to identify and recognise their emotions in the first place.


Looking for a corporate wellbeing program that isn’t your stock-standard lecture? Give your team tools and techniques that deliver calming results without the boring slide show. Creative Wellness for Business Success tailors creative mindfulness sessions to your team’s needs

Who I Can Help

Children & Teens

Big feelings don’t just happen to adults. Therapy for children and teens can help to relieve damaging thoughts, feelings and emotions. As a therapist I pride myself on being soft, kind and thoughtful to the needs of adolescents.


The demands of everyday life take a toll, especially if you’re experiencing difficulties. If you’ve found previous therapists too clinical, my reliable, thoughtful and compassionate approach will make you feel at ease.

Compassionate. Respectful. Inclusive Therapy.

Creative Healing is a welcoming space where you are able to express yourself in a way that is most comfortable for you.

My counselling and art therapy services are available to everyone from children to teens and adults. Bringing a caring, insightful and accepting presence, I’m passionate about empowering women and children to make genuine and long-lasting growth in order to live a fulfilling life.

Different people have different needs in therapy. That’s why I’m dedicated to finding what works best for you. I offer in person one-on-one sessions in my Preston, Melbourne northern suburbs or I am available for online telehealth appointments too.

When you start to heal your mind and soul, you will soon see your world start to heal too.

About Sally Tyrrell

When I’m not off painting rainbows with my kids and getting stuck in glitter and scissors, paint and clay, I’m an experienced and Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Sensorimotor Art Therapist who works with children, adolescents, women and families. I can help when you experience difficulties managing the demands of day-to-day life. Including the impacts of depression, anxiety, personality disorders, trauma and relationship problems. 

On a personal level, being creative has changed my life and opened me up to divine insight about myself. It allows me to express my inner world and helps me to integrate it into my outer world. 

Through creative expression I have been able to heal old wounds,  free myself of past worries and opened my heart to truly knowing, understanding and loving myself for who I am. This has allowed me to open my heart and invite new things to come my way. I now share this passion with women and children to help them on their path to positive growth too.  

My all-time favourite quote that inspires me and my work is, “You must give up the life you planned, in order to have the life that is waiting for you…” Joseph Campbell

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About Sarai

Hello there! Nice to meet you! I’m Sarai, the new creative therapist at Creative Healing. I’m so excited about working here and looking forward to working with you! I believe that through art mediums like drawing, paint, sand tray, polymer clay, yarn and moving your body you can process your life experiences and learn skills to cope with challenges. We can use these mediums (and more)health and community settings.

I’m an accredited mental health social work counsellor who has been working creatively with women, young people and the LGBTQIA+ communities for over 15 years. I have experience working with grief and loss, bereavement, non-directive pregnancy options counselling, anxiety and depression and other mental health challenges

I’m passionate about mental wellbeing and creating safe and supportive environments for people to explore their challenges. My goal is to walk beside you through your experience, signposting the way through challenges and providing options for you to explore so you can build your own personal toolkit of strategies. I want you to feel empowered! Using your unique expression, I will support your self determination to find your way to thriving.

When I’m not working you’ll find me enthusiastically making and playing! I love sewing and working with yarn and other textiles, collage, creative writing, printmaking, dancing, singing, walking in nature….

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