Hello World

Looking for something a little creative for you and your kids?

These activities are simple ways you can add a little creativity into your life. They offer a way to connect with each other and friends with fun and laughter, thought storytelling and easy to do creative art. The activities will help with grounding and centring yourself and your child to have a calm day. They incorporate adventuring outside, written work and creative exploration, fun and connection which is all the elements we need during this time.

Hello world

Each morning go around the house with your child or teen and open the curtains to the world. Natural light and seeing the world outside has wonderful positive affect on your brain and mood. When opening the curtains in each room reflect on 5 things you can see outside and 3 things you can hear.

If your feeling adventurous go outside and take a slow deep belly breath and reflect on:

FIVE things you see around you.

FOUR things you can touch.

THREE things you hear.

TWO things you can smell.

and ONE thing you can taste.

If your feeling creative while your outside collect some natural materials like sticks, leaves and stones to create and art piece each day.