Anxiety & Depression Therapy

At Creative Healing we urge anyone who feels they are suffering from depression or anxiety to seek anxiety or depression therapy. Help is always available. The sooner you seek help the sooner you can begin healing. How you feel is not the way you have to exist forever.

What is Anxiety & Depression Therapy?

Anxiety and depression are insidious mental health conditions that can affect anyone at any stage of life. No matter how comfortable we feel we are; money, great jobs and beautiful houses can never truly eliminate our feelings of anxiety and depression.

Depression and anxiety are the major causes of suicide worldwide. Many sufferers hide their condition out of embarrassment, shame, or the fear of social stigma. However, recent studies from BeyondBlue state that over 45% of the Australian population suffers some form of mental health condition. Therefore, a million Australians suffer from depression and over 2 million from anxiety in any one year.

In moderate to severe cases of anxiety and depression, it is sometimes recommended that psychiatric and psychological treatment is complimented with pharmacotherapy. Pharmacotherapy is the treatment of physical and mental health conditions via the use of medication. Regardless, in all cases of anxiety and depression, psychiatric and psychological counselling can help you manage and lessen your symptoms. This is done through a variety of therapies including anxiety or depression therapy.

What is Behavioural Therapy?

Behavioral therapy involves techniques to help reduce or stop behaviors caused by, or that exacerbate, your mental health condition. This can include deep breathing techniques to combat the shallow breathing associated with panic attacks, relaxation therapy to ease stress and tension, and coping strategies for when we face triggering situations.

What is Cognitive Therapy?

Cognitive therapy works in conjunction with behavioural therapy to change our thought patterns. Negative and automatic thought patterns are part of the devastating effects of anxiety and depression. These thought patterns can be insidious and some can become so ingrained we no longer realise the impact they have on our lives. As a result, cognitive therapy helps us confront and change these negative thoughts. By doing so we improve our outlook on life, relationships, and ourselves.

Significantly, many who suffer mild anxiety and depression find therapy alone is enough to help relieve the crippling symptoms of their condition. It might seem too good to be true, that you can combat your symptoms with changes to thought and behavioural patterns. However, cognitive and behavioural therapy and two of the most powerful ways to manage your condition. Further, those with anxiety and depression can easily fall into negative habits that only exacerbate their conditions.

With hard work and counselling you can begin to overcome anxiety and depression. At Creative Healing we offer a range of therapies designed to help you to a happier and healthier mindset. Our counsellors are accredited mental health social workers and psychotherapists who work confidentially to manage and improve your condition. We offer cognitive behavioural therapy, relaxation therapy, and art therapy as well as creative workshops that promote a calm and relaxation.

If you have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, or suspect you have one, call us today to arrange an appointment for anxiety or depression therapy.

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