Are you heading towards Burnout? Or are you already there?

Are you feeling…

  • Rundown?
  • Drained physical or emotional?
  • Unappreciated at work or home?
  • No one to talk to?
  • Achieving less than I should?
  • Not getting what I need out of my job?
  • Need to change my profession?
  • More work to do than I practically have the ability to do?
  • Trapped with no options?

Are you…

  • Having negative thoughts?
  • Working in your own time?
  • Unable to influence decisions that affect you?
  • Sticking your head in the sand?
  • Unable to say no?
  • Consistently sacrificing personal life for work?
  • I can’t solve the problems assigned to me?
  • Overwhelmed with tasks?

So… now you know the signs that you might be heading towards burnout – but how do you navigate away from this difficult phase in your life as an allied health professional? Well, the answer to your healing could be but a click away. Submit your details below to get access to my 3 step process to ‘Beat The Burnout’ with Creative Journaling.

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