Art Therapy

I am a qualified Initiatic Art Therapist. The name “initiatic” is derived from the term initiation, the awakening of inner perception. Art Therapy is the use of the art making and creative processes in a therapeutic setting to express feelings and explore experiences.

Art as Therapy provides a safe and supportive space to explore and engage in the creative process. NO ART EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. Engaging in creativity in this way can aid recovery as it helps you to express yourself, focus, relax, connect with other people and at times share your story.

Modalities include: plasticine, collage, paint, crayon and pastels, and clay.

An Art Therapy session can consist of 2 parts in a therapeutic process. First part of the session is spent using art materials for self-expression around the presenting problem.  The second part of the session is to explore, build insight and make meaning of the art work and creative process to heal.

Both Guided Drawing and Work at the Clay Field are sensorimotor, body-focused, trauma-informed art therapy approaches. They are not necessarily concerned with an image-making process, but support the awareness of body memories.

Guided Drawing

You focus on the internal body-sensations such as muscle tension, physical pain, or blockages, also the movement of emotions such as grief and anger or joy and feeling uplifted. Drawing rhythmically with both hands does not use Imagery. In a second step clients then draw what they need “if I had a massage now”, in order to release inner tension or emotional charge. The aim of Guided Drawing is to discover one’s inner movements and their messages of destruction or creation.



Work at the Clay Field ®

The ‘clay field’ is a rather large, flat box filled with clay. With closed eyes one makes contact with the material and allows the hands to find their way through touching, scratching, digging, kneading, patting, beating…until shapes start to emerge. Scenes become created, destroyed, recreated….telling one’s story. There will be no finished product to take home but the adventure of an intense inner journey.


“The body remembers. It remembers it’s injuries and traumas, but it also remembers it’s needs, it’s instinct to survive and to heal…”
Elbrecht & Antcliff, 2003