Do you want to reconnect with your inner creativity?

3 days to Spark your Creativity


In just 5 minutes a day for 3 days I will help your create an amazing Mandala. While you improve your mindset, feel grounded and less stress.

Releasing your creative in just 5 minutes a day.

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Starting Monday 27th July 2020

    You’re in the right place if you want to…

    • Find your own inner creative style.
    • Feel excited and happy, with a lightness in your heart.
    • Let go of your stress and anxiety.
    • and feel AMAZING!!

    In this FREE 3 day challenge, I’ll show you:

    Day 1. The magic of mandalas

    Day 2. Free style running a muck & self care

    Day 3. Does medium matter & finding your flow

    I will be live each day to teach you the skills to create a mandala that brings your insight and joy to your life.

    What women said after the last challenge….

    • “Such a journey for me starting with the intent to ground myself. It’s helped me reconnect with myself.”
    • I really came back to focusing on my intention… remind myself to stay grounded like the roots of the tree, we might travel but we continue to put down roots.
    • Doing this challenge actually helped me draw on my skills and resources and i remained calm… I typically get anxious
    • It was fabulous, like a moving meditation, feeling quite relaxed.
    • Connecting back to my creative core was truly inspiring

    Hi I’m Sally,

    A Mental Health Social Worker & Art Therapist for women who want to kick ass, maintain a balanced life & get creative

    And I’m proof you can do all with a graceful balance

    I’ve have 2 amazing kids, part time work and own a kick ass creative businesses (my true passion)

    I love my business cos I get to work with incredible women just like you – who are looking for meaning, healing and purpose in a creative ways.

    I still find time to go on adventures with my hubby and kids, I can be found in my art studio every chance I get. And I too (like my mentor Ange), eat Nutella straight from the jar.

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    Join The Creativity Challenge

    Starting Monday 27th July 2020

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