Creating a safe place

Safe place

Ask your child/ teen to find a toy animal while your gather the creative materials. You will need safe building materials such as cardboard boxes of different shapes and sizes, popsicle sticks, fabric, clay, coloured cardboard, pipe-cleaners, colouring pens or pencils, even glitter, and sequins, scissors and glue.

Talk about things that make them feel safe. Talk about what type of safe place the animal might need, is it bright and sunny or dark and calming? What does it need to feel safe? Soft thing, something to hid in or something high to sit in like a tree. What can they see, hear, and touch when they are in their safe space?

Let your child/ teen create a safe place for the animal with all the creative materials you can find.

When finished, discuss what they have made. You could give the animal a name and create a story about its adventure in the safe place. Often their stories are a reflection of what the child or teen is thinking themselves.

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