Creative Journaling for a reflective YOU

It’s time to start caring for yourself the way you care for your clients.

When you’re overwhelmed by endless tasks and constantly thinking about you long TO DO List, there is no space for you to take care of your own mental health. It’s time for you to break free from life chaos and step towards a peaceful you.

Creativity for your Wellbeing

You’re in the right place if you:

Are struggling to feel motivated and inspired at work.

Are stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed without the support you need.

Feel like an imposter, preaching mental health without prioritizing your own.

Are exhausted and numb from having too many balls in the air.


What you need is some self-reflection, strategies and techniques to help you manage your mental health, find balance, to have a joyous life.

You can start NOW


Hey there I'm sally

When I’m not off painting rainbows with my kids and getting stuck in glitter and scissors, paint and clay, I’m an experienced and Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Sensorimotor Art Therapist who works with children, adolescents, women and families. I can help when you experience difficulties managing the demands of day-to-day life. Including the impacts of depression, anxiety, personality disorders, trauma and relationship problems.

On a personal level, being creative has changed my life and opened me up to divine insight about myself. It allows me to express my inner world and helps me to integrate it into my outer world.

Through creative expression I have been able to heal old wounds,  free myself of past worries and opened my heart to truly knowing, understanding and loving myself for who I am. This has allowed me to open my heart and invite new things to come my way. I now share this passion with women and children to help them on their path to positive growth too

Ready to look after you??

Here's everything you get when you purchase the Creative journaling online course

Let's get creative and focus on you

  • 🎨 Focus is on Journaling process
  • 🎨 Focus is on Self-care
  • 🎨 Focus is on Safe place
  • 🎨 Focus is on 'Who's in my world'
  • 🎨 Focus is on one word or image
  • 🎨 Focus is on Values, beliefs
  • 🎨 Focus is on Gratitude
  • 🎨 Focus is on Reflection
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Here's what one Creative Lady had to say...

"Such a great idea to reflect on self, focus on needs and wants, and uncover what I need more of in life, in a creative format"

Here's what one Creative Lady had to say...

“Such a journey for me starting with the intent to ground myself. It’s helped me reconnect with myself.”

Module 1

Focus is on:

  • Journaling process ✍️
  • Things that we are grateful for  💗
  • Mandalas – how to create them 🌀
  • Symbols of gratitude

Module 2

Focus is on Self-care:

  • Circles and patterns as we clear our minds and breathe 🙏
  • It’s OK to …..
  • What fills our bucket
  • Grounding ☯️ 
  • Create an Affirmation ❇️

Module 3

Focus is on Safe place:

  • Guided meditation 🧘‍♀️ 🧘
  • Create your safe place
  • Using different materials
  • What would it be like if your safe place was no longer

Module 4

Focus is on ‘Who’s in my world’:

  • Activity around a dreamy place and who would be there with you
  • Exploring the systems around us
  • Who’s sitting at your table

Module 5

Focus is on one word or image:

  • Creating a journal entry ✍️
  • Using one word or image from a magazine
  • Creating a number of small cards

Module 6

Focus is on Values, beliefs

  • Who am I, strengths, values, beliefs 💪
  • What do we need to let go of?
  • Activity: Timeline of events that developed our values and beliefs
  • Activity: Fingerprint of strength ❇️

Module 7

Focus is on Gratitude:

  • What are we grateful for? ✨
  • Let’s dig deeper

Module 8

Focus is on Reflection:

  • Dreams, visions
  • How we want to live
  • Activity: Create an image of your vision, dreams or goals you want to achieve

Here is some bonus for you

It’s normal to feel like talking about how you feel can only get you so far. Engaging in creativity via art therapy can aid recovery. It helps you to express yourself, focus, relax, connect with other people and at times share your story. Here’s how art therapy might be able to help.

bonus 1
Fighting anxiety can be exhausting both mentally and physically. Art therapy can be used to relax your mind and body.
bonus 2
Art therapy provides a healthy channel to let go of emotions that cannot be expressed with words.
bonus 3
Creating art can help you to stop thinking about whatever it is that is worrying you and be present in the moment.

Ready to get Calm, centered and focused on yourself?

Here's everything you get when you purchase the Creative Journaling for a reflective YOU

Master your your mindset, developed strategies, feel calm and find your creative joy

  • Journaling process
  • Self-care
  • Safe place
  • 'Who's in my world'
  • One word or image
  • Values & beliefs
  • Gratitude
  • Reflection
Total Value = $197
Regular Price = $197
Today's Price = $47


How much time do I need to complete the online course?

If you set aside an hour each week to attend the workshops you will learn strategies to feel calm, energised and connected to your creativity AND have valuable techniques to use with clients.

Do I need to be an artist or have any special skills to join this online course?

Absolutely not. Creative Journaling for Helping Professionals is for everyone. You don’t need to be ‘good’ at art — or even think of yourself as a creative person — to have fun, explore your experiences and express yourself through this online retreat.

Is this an art class?

Creative Journaling, will teach you creative skills to tap into yourself and tools you can then use with your clients. It WON’T teach you specific art techniques and practices.
It's about your creative process not so much about what the art work looks like.

What art supplies and tools do I need to participate in the class?

You’ll need something to make your art on. Like a journal or paper. And you’ll need something to make your art with for example watercolours, pastels, paintbrushes, pencils, textas or collage materials.