Fill your soul with some Creative calmness

90 minute Creative Journaling workshop online

Kick start Journal with this Pay what you can  Creative Journaling  for your creative soul

It’s time to give yourself the time, space, and permission to think, feel, and breathe.

So many of us struggle to take time for ourselves. On the rare occasion that we do give ourselves some much-needed self-care, we feel guilty about it. There are a million other things to worry about, which makes it so easy to put ourselves last.

The Creative Journaling 90 minute workshop will show you how just 5 minutes a day of creativity can make you feel calm, centered, and ready for any hurdles to overcome.

Creative Journaling Pay what you can workshop

Starting Sunday 19th September 3pm

Pay What You CAN

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You’re in the right place if you want to…

  • looking to spark your creative
  • wanting to get back into creativity
  • looking for ways to release your stress
  • and feel AMAZING!!

Are you in need of a creative soulful space?

This 90 minute workshop with spark your creativity while giving you some well deserved selfceare.

🎨 Live in Zoom where we can connect while being creativity

🎨 I will teach and guide you through creative exercises.

🎨 Feel more compassion towards yourself

🎨 Reconnect to yourself, give yourself some time for self-care, feel calm and grounded

Guide to Creative journaling

You Don’t need to be an Artist to use a creative Journal

It also helps you to uplift your mood, keep track of your success, practice positive self-talk, and work through ways to manage your emotions

🎨 Start with two minutes.

🎨 Set aside a regular time to journal.

🎨 Keep your journal with you.

🎨 Play with art materails to see which you like best. watercolour, soft pastels, oli pastels, ink, acrylic paint, pencils, different papers.

What women said after the last workshop….

  • "I would recommend doing this creative workshop as it helps to feel and describe emotions and feelings. ART is amazing for soul"
  • I really came back to focusing on my intention… remind myself to stay grounded like the roots of the tree, we might travel but we continue to put down roots.
  • Doing this challenge actually helped me draw on my skills and resources and i remained calm… I typically get anxious
  • I felt free everytime I picked up a pencil,crayon, pen or marker. I was able to enjoy everyojne's art but also reflect on mine.
  • Connecting back to my creative core was truly inspiring

Hi I’m Sally,

A Mental Health Social Worker & Art Therapist for women who want to kick ass, maintain a balanced life & get creative

And I’m proof you can do all with a graceful balance

When I’m not off painting rainbows with my kids and getting stuck in glitter and scissors, paint and clay, I’m an experienced and Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Sensorimotor Art Therapist who works with children, adolescents, women and families.

I can help when you experience difficulties managing the demands of day-to-day life. Including the impacts of depression, anxiety, personality disorders, trauma and relationship problems.

Are you ready to Release your Creativity? 🌟

Ready to join a community of creative women??

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Sunday 19th September 3pm

Pay what You CAN

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