Spark your Creativity


Course Timing: 1 hr creative workshop

Time: 10am

Dates: March 10th 22

Location: Online


In this workshop, you will get to experience creative activities to Spark your Creativity and you can go and use them with your client to spark their creativity too.

the workshop runs for 1 hour online, why you as is it only 1 hr. Great questions I could run these workshops all day but the number 1 thing I hear is that people are time poor and have way to much to do. But 1hr is doable because it’s short, sharp and focused. I guide you through a few creative activities that I use every day in my work and we connect with each person in the zoom room by reflecting on our experiences. You’ll walk away feeling calm, inspired and connected to our creative community.

This workshop can be a part of your professional development, so why not ask your boss or supervisor for just 1hr so that you can come along. And don’t forget to tell them that you’ll learn new practical skills to use with your clients.

Let’s Spark your Creativity together 🎨🎨🎨

No art experience needed



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