Mental Health Social Worker & Art Therapist


About Sally Tyrrell (owner of Creative Healing)
Hi, I’m Sally, an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Sensorimotor Art Therapist and Director of Creative Healing counselling and art therapy. When I’m not off painting rainbows with my kids and getting stuck in glitter and scissors, paint and clay, I work with children, adolescents and women to create a safe space for them to express themselves and start the healing journey to experience real growth in their lives. Over many years I’ve studied and practised counselling and different types of therapy.

My qualifications include:

Degree in Social Work
Postgraduate Certificate in Counselling
Diploma of Community Services Welfare Studies
Postgraduate Certificate in Sensorimotor Art Therapy
Clayfield therapy
Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy with Dan Hughes

It’s my mission to be the kind, supportive guidance you need to feel empowered to work through your mental struggles and create genuine and long-lasting positive growth in your life. Through creative expression, I’ll help you find ways to feel centred, so you can live a joyous life. We’ll also work together on helping you build resilience, so you are better equipped when life throws you a curveball.
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Hello there! Nice to meet you! I’m Sarai, the new creative therapist at Creative Healing. I’m so excited about working here and looking forward to working with you! I believe that through art mediums like drawing, paint, sand tray, polymer clay, yarn and moving your body you can process your life experiences and learn skills to cope with challenges. We can use these mediums (and more)health and community settings.

I’m an accredited mental health social work counsellor who has been working creatively with women, young people and the LGBTQIA+ communities for over 15 years. I have experience working with grief and loss, bereavement, non-directive pregnancy options counselling, anxiety and depression and other mental health challenges

I’m passionate about mental wellbeing and creating safe and supportive environments for people to explore their challenges. My goal is to walk beside you through your experience, signposting the way through challenges and providing options for you to explore so you can build your own personal toolkit of strategies. I want you to feel empowered! Using your unique expression, I will support your self determination to find your way to thriving.

My qualifications include:

  • Bachelor Health Science (Hons.)
  • Bachelor Social Work
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision
  • Perinatal Non-Directive Pregnancy Options Counselling
  • Sand Tray and Brief therapist using the Oaklander Model
  • ACT (Russ Harris) trained clinician

When I’m not working you’ll find me enthusiastically making and playing! I love sewing and working with yarn and other textiles, collage, creative writing, printmaking, dancing, singing, walking in nature….

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