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Throughout life, we all hit roadblocks and sometimes need a little help to move forwards. Working together I’ll help you get back on track if you’re experiencing low moods or anxiety, going through a relationship breakdown, experiencing conflict or you are feeling alone. I offer one-on-one sessions in my conveniently located Preston, Melbourne northern suburbs, or online telehealth appointments are also available.

Do you bulk bill your counselling services?

As I am an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, you will be eligible for a Medicare rebate if you have counselling in my private practice. You will need to be referred by your GP, paediatrician or psychiatrist with a Mental Health Care Plan referral letter. Here is a look at some of the counselling services I provide.

Anxiety and Depression
The sooner you seek help for anxiety or depression the sooner you begin healing. How you feel now doesn’t have to be forever. Counselling can help you find new strategies to manage.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
This is a type of therapy that can help you to change unhealthy ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. It uses self-help strategies designed to improve your quality of life.
Acceptance Commitment Therapy ACT
This type of psychological therapy teaches mindfulness, acceptance and skills for responding to situations that are out of our control.
Interpersonal Therapy
This is a method for treating depression. This theory Is centred around the idea that personal relationships are at the basis of psychological problems.
Relaxation Training
This type of training is taught through techniques such as breathing practices, muscle relaxation exercises and exploring your creativity through art therapy. These techniques are used to reduce mental and physical tension.
Grief is a natural and normal emotion. There is no right way to grieve, nor is there an accepted model or length for grief. Bereavement is an entirely personal experience and will vary for everyone.

How Can Counselling Help You?

Counselling can provide you with relief by sharing your worries and fears. It can help you to reach a positive solution, by discovering different methods of coping, developing new skills, making changes and figuring out what works best for you.

The goal of counselling sessions is to help you work through any issues you are facing to help you cope better, heal and move forwards. We’ll work together to help you understand your reactions, accept them, and learn to modify them as necessary so that real growth can occur.

If you are going through any of these things, counselling will help you to heal and move forward with your life:

  • Struggling with persistently low mood or anxiety
  • Going through a relationship break up
  • Experiencing family, friend or workplace conflict
  • Feeling socially isolated
  • Dealing with the loss of a loved one
  • Have been diagnosed or suspected to have a mental health disorder,

Benefits That Can Come From Counselling Sessions

In many ways going through the counselling process, is just like having an educational experience. Not only do you learn more about yourself, but you also learn new skills on the path to healing and positive growth.

Learning About Yourself

Counselling can teach you a lot about yourself and the condition you may have. By learning more about your condition or why you are feeling the way you are, you can better understand yourself. From this you can gain:

  • Improved self-esteem and self-acceptance
  • Relief from mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression
  • Stronger confidence and decision making capabilities

Learning New Skills

The skills you learn during your counselling sessions will depend on what it is you are having counselling sessions for. Potential skills that you could learn from counselling are:

  • Stronger communication and interpersonal skills
  • Better problem solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Improved stress management
  • Skills to turn around self-defeating behaviour
  • Improved management and expression of emotions such as anger
  • Selfcare and self-compassion

Are you ready to start your healing process?

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About Sally Tyrell

When I'm not off painting rainbows with my kids and getting stuck in glitter and scissors, paint and clay, I’m an experienced and Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Sensorimotor Art Therapist, who works with children, adolescents, women and families. I can help when you experience difficulties managing the demands of day-to-day life. Including the impacts of depression, anxiety, personality disorders, trauma and relationship problems.

On a personal level, being creative has changed my life and opened me up to divine insight about myself. It allows me to express my inner world and helps me to integrate it into my outer world.

Through creative expression I have been able to heal old wounds, free myself of past worries and opened my heart to truly knowing, understanding and loving myself for who I am. This has allowed me to open my heart and invite new things to come my way. I now share this passion with women and children to help them on their path to positive growth too.

My all-time favourite quote that inspires me and my work is, “You must give up the life you planned, in order to have the life that is waiting for you…” Joseph Campbell

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