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Creative Mandala workshop


In this one hour short workshop you will create your own creative mandala While creating your mandala you will practice mindfulness skills, feel relaxed and entered..

1hr Creative Mandala workshop
10 am
7th April 2022

Spark your Creativity


In this workshop, you will get to experience creative activities to Spark your Creativity and you can go and use them with your client to spark their creativity too. the workshop runs for 1 hour online, why you as is it only 1 hr. Great questions I could run these workshops all day but the […]

1 hr creative workshop
March 10th 22

Creative Journaling Thursday May 2022

Feel calm, confident, supported and inspired in work AND life Creative Journaling 7-week online Creative Journaling workshop to learn creative approaches that promote mental health, wellbeing and healing in you AND your clients

7 weeks for 1hr, payment plans available
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Thursday, 14th July 2022

Online course

8 Modules reflective you


When you’re overwhelmed by endless tasks and constantly thinking about you long TO DO List, there is no space for you to take care of your own mental health. It’s time for you to break free from life chaos and step towards a peaceful you.8

8 self paced modules
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Online course – Release Your Creativity


Day 1. The magic of mandalas

Day 2. Pattern and repetition

Day 3. Finding your flow

Day 4.Creativity running wild

Day 5. Different Mediums

In each video, I will teach you the skills to create a mandala that brings your insight and joy to your life.

🎨 Each video session is 5 to 10 minutes to teach and guide you through creative exercises.

🎨 Reconnect to yourself, give yourself some time for self-care, feel calm and grounded



5 sessions access to memberships online course
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